R-squared and Residuals

The previous post went into all the details and resources that made up our religious resource ranking of Jewish life in colleges. And while plenty of questions and concerns will surely be raised, I’m confident enough in our methodology and approach to move ahead with some fun things we can do with this […]

Resources and Rankings 2

Creating a ranking system for Jewish life on college campuses is difficult and subjective – each person has his or her own perspective and opinions, and every place has its own pros and cons. Sometimes the response is to avoid the topic altogether, or to rank them on one factor […]

Ranking Colleges 3

There’s always some controversy and bickering, but US News and World Report seems to have come up with a pretty good algorithm for their rankings of top universities. Of course, Princeton Review, Forbes, and Bloomberg Businessweek probably think theirs rankings are better, but that’s because they think their algorithms are better. What I […]