Small and Mighty

Let's say you're on your own - meaning, you don't have such a large (or any) religious community. That's okay - we've got some ideas for you! It might not solve all your problems, but hopefully it's a start... And of course, contact us to talk whenever, wherever! And remember, it's not simply the size of your community that matters, but the quality and meaning that you can create.

BOSS Facebook group

Join this Facebook group of religious students from around the country, which is a forum for students to post and share ideas, inspirations, requests, challenges, or just a thought. It's also good for spreading the word about larger initiatives, crowdsourcing people's opinions and ideas, and feeling part of a community of your peers - albeit a virtual one.

BOSS Facebook group

Community Building Ideas

Here's a list of ideas, tips, strategies, and resources to help build and grow your religious community - compiled by staff and students like you from campuses across North America. This is specifically geared for religious students on campuses without big religious communities, but the information is probably relevant and helpful for all types of religious students. Also it's a googledoc - so feel free to add your own thoughts and ideas!


OCC Shabbaton

Now in its 3rd iteration and 3rd year, this annual Shabbaton brings together Orthodox student leaders from colleges around North America for an inspirational and impactful Shabbaton. Many of the ideas on this website were borne out of conversations on those Shabbatons, and it has become an ideal forum to build a framework for a national network of religious students.

It's also a fun Shabbaton and, for those without vibrant and dynamic communities of their own, a taste of what you're missing. Many students have taken what they experiences and learned on the Shabbaton and gone back to revolutionize or reenergize their home community! Let us know if you're interested in coming to the next one!

Small and Mighty

H2H Intercollegiate Shabbaton

We help facilitate Shabbatons between different colleges, focusing on campuses with small Jewish communities looking to enhance their Jewish life. The purpose is to foster grassroots Jewish experiences and connections, allowing students to bond with each other over the timeless gathering of Shabbat. Shabbatons consist of social, educational, and religious programming, tailored to the needs and desires of the participants. All students are made to feel welcome in the shared Jewish experiences, taking into account each individual’s level of comfort and what experiences the community needs. We've seen that such experiences, networking, and inclusion encourage and strengthen all participants’ connections and commitments to Jewish life. So far we've been to over 20 colleges around North America - let us know if you want to bring this transformative experience to your campus!