Program Guides

Why hello again. Yes, we do have the perfect program for you. Or the star strategy. If not, let us know because we love adding to our repertoire!
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The once-a-week epicenter of any Jewish community, Shabbat is the perfect forum to anchor your community. Whether it's Shabbat dinner, davening, tisch, or havdala, let's find out what your community needs and how we can help. This includes program guides and grants, materials, and pinpointed tips to make every Shabbat a Shabbat to remember!
  • Chanukah at Penn!
    Chanukah at Penn - Smile

Chagim (Holidays)

From Chanukah, Purim, and Pesach, to Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, holidays are the best time to celebrate and commemorate being Jewish -- and everything that comes with it! Let us know what you're looking for or planning, and we'll help you tailor the perfect program. This includes program ideas and grants, strategic guides, materials, and even visiting students to help add some ruach!
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Outreach / Community building

Your community is great, but face it - it's still not attracting the majority of Jews on campus. Welcome to the real world 🙂 That's why it takes some creative thinking and strategic initiatives to change that, and help bring your community and everything is has to offer to the wider Jewish population. ​ We work in conjunction with Heart to Heart, an award-winning innovative movement that's revolutionized campus outreach - and is waiting to hear from you and help you transform your campus.