Kosher Food

What's a Jewish community without kosher food? Especially in college, dining and food brings people together where food - and as Pirkei Avot says "אם אין קמח, אין תורה", "without food there's no Torah"!

Map of Colleges with Kosher Food​​

This is H2H's comprehensive listing of every college in North America which offers Kosher food. You can search by kosher food availability, meal plan types, hechshers, installation year, as well as by college locations and names. And if your college isn't listed, let's work on fixing that!

Guide to Getting Kosher Food

​​Speaking of fixing that, here's a thorough strategy to guide you in your quest to get kosher food. It's not so simple, but this guide makes it easier - and we're more than happy to help you all along this process.

North American Kosher Establishments

While not campus-based, Shamash's map includes kosher restaurants and markets which might be in your area.

NYC Kosher Restaurants

For all of you who live or go to college in or around NYC, we got some tips just for you! CKJ's listing includes all of Manhattan, color coded by neighborhood, and Koshertopia's map has restaurants throughout metropolitan NY.