Jewish Learning

The glue that holds any serious, religious community together is Torah learning - Tanach, Halacha, philosophy, ethics, etc. This could be on your own, b'chevrutah, through a shiur; virtually or in-person; one-off or regularly. In its ideal form it's engaging, compelling, and addicting!

​We'll help you find the perfect program, the ideal partner, or a suitable rabbi/educator to guide you along the process of meaningful Jewish learning. We work alongside the OU's Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus (JLIC), international experts in Jewish learning on campus!

Virtual Chevrutas and Classes

  • Partners in Torah: Learn anything Jewish with your own private teacher over phone/Skype for FREE! You pick the topic and weekly time, they'll select a teacher for you - or volunteer to learn with someone else.
  • Web Yeshiva: A fully-interactive online Torah study program, you can sign up for courses taught by great rabbis and educators. Round-the-clock schedule of live classes on a variety of different subjects and levels, plus recording in the archives.
  • JerusalemU: Online videos about Israel and Judaism, with a $100 stipend
  • ProjectSinaiA live, interactive learning platform that connects organizations, teachers and educators to a global audience.
  • UniTorah: A community of college students learning together through googlehangouts (in progress)
  • Bagruta: A network of high school educators continuing their relationships with alumni through chevrutas (in progress)

Divrei Torah and Shiurim​

Collected here is a wealth of online archives of audio, visual, and written divrei Torah and shiurim from leading, global, Jewish educators and educational organizations:    |    Gush's VirtualBeitMidrash    |

OU Torah    |    JewishLearningInitiativeCampus    |    NCSYalumni YouTube DT    |    Aleph Beta    |     Rabbi Lord Sacks

Tools and Resources

Whether you want to learn on your own, prepare for a shiur, or organize your own learning program, here are some helpful tools and resources