Especially when you're away from home at college, supporting the Jewish people's home away from home is such a big part of being Jewish. Whether you want to go to Israel, go back to Israel, fight for Israel (whatever your political stand), or recruit for Israel, this is the place for you!

Israel Advocacy

Israel Advocacy

If you need to educate yourself on the details of the Arab-Israeli conflict, here is an extensive list of information sites, which can help you refute the comments of your professors or peers. 
If you want to be more proactive and facilitate more pro-Israel programming on your campus, explore these organizations that provide funding, fellowships, strategies, and speakers to come to your campus. This includes ADLCAMERA, David Project, Hasbara FellowshipIsrael on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, and ZOA


Trips to Israel


If you've never been to Israel on a peer-trip and are between 18-26, Birthright is for you! Free 10-day trip to Israel that will be like nothing you've experienced before. Birthright IsraelWhat are you waiting for? Go apply now! You may also be able to run and staff a trip - details here

Study in Israel and Trips to Israel have lists of scholarships, schools, and resources for Jewish college students and young professionals (mostly Baalei Teshuva-oriented).Kotel

Onward Israel organizes 6-10 week summer programs in Israel, and MASA provides guidance and scholarships for 5-12 month study, internship, and volunteer opportunities all over Israel.