Navigating the basics and nuances of daily Jewish living is no simple task. Here are some resources to research your questions and answers, and most importantly - people to whom you can turn for guidance and answers.

Primary Sources

  • mobile.Tora.ws/ - Halacha section has links to primary (and secondary) halacha sources in Hebrew; primairly built for mobile usage​

  • Wikipedia has a listing of full-text resources of major halakhic works - some with translation

Shulchan Aruch

Secondary Sources

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Ask a Rabbi

If you have a local Orthodox rabbi whom you trust, it's probably best if you turn to them. If not, perhaps a rabbi from high school / shul / yeshiva? Otherwise, here we'll have a rotating series of JLIC rabbis/rebbetzins who are on call/email duty. This might even evolved into a live, monthly AMA (ask me anything) session! Either they'll be able to help you through the issue, or they can direct and guide you along the right path. 

In the meantime, you can email Hart, who's finishing his semicha studies at Yeshiva University's RIETS rabbinical school and is happy to field your questions - if only to pass on to others. And trust us, no question is too simple, too far out, or too unquestionable for you to ask.