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Are you looking at colleges? Trying to find out what Jewish life is (really) like? Let us help you make educated and informed decisions - and then connect with us once you get to college! Most of the material here was compiled and created by us, but some of it we're just linking to other organizations' sites, and we take no responsibility for the accuracy or relevancy therein. And it deserves saying that there's only so much you can learn on websites - for the real scoop you need to speak to people, or even better - visit colleges yourself!

Map of Kosher Food on Campus

We're offering unparalleled access to a wealth of resources about Jewish life in college. One key element is kosher food, and so we have a detailed map of every college in North America which offers kosher food. Not just that, but we break it down by kosher food availability, meal plan types, hechshers, start date, as well as by location. Check out the map for all the info, as well as all relevant links and sources.

Map and Ranking of Jewish Resources on Campus

Beyond kosher food, we also have a detailed map and ranking of the top 150+ colleges for religious Jews - which includes factors such as size of Jewish population, availability of religious and communal leadership, presence of religious classes and prayer, and Jewish community infrastructure. The map also contains relevant links, as well as all the Jewish resources and demographic information for those colleges. Go to this map for all the information and access!

Number of Jews in Colleges

This interactive graph charts the course of Jews in college over the past 10 years, showing the trends, the leaders, and the laggards. It has the top 30 public and private colleges by number of Jews each year, and graphs it by number of Jewish students and percentage of Jewish students. It's also color coded by geographic region, and you can see the progression over time from 2006 to 2015. Set the y-axis to "Log" for best viewing, press play and let the magic happen! This motion chart has already been viewed by over 10,000 people in the last year alone - check it out to see why it's so cool!

Guide to Choosing Colleges

Besides for what resources exists, it takes a lot more to determine whether a college's Jewish community and resource are appropriate for you. Let us guide you (or your student/child) along that process - with a set of resources and hands-on team with extensive experience with students from all backgrounds.  We can offer our training remotely, or can arrange with a school to present to a junior/senior class (perhaps in conjunction with our college prep program)

Contact us or put us in touch with a high school teacher to arrange something with us.

College Prep

We offer a full-service educational program to educate and prepare Jewish high school students how to successfully and meaningfully incorporate their Jewish backgrounds into their future college lives. This includes overviews of challenges students will face in college, new ways to think about the interface of Jewish and secular life, as well as strategies and solutions for dealing with an array of issues that may arise. One hallmark of the program is that it's run by current college students and recent graduates - who are most relatable and relevant to the issues at hand.

Contact us or put us in touch with a high school teacher to arrange something with us.


OU-JLIC’s College Guide

Check out this college guide put together by OU-JLIC, highlighting and profiling the top 25 campuses for Orthodox students and featuring pieces about Jewish life in college. (Full disclosure - we helped write and research for the guide.) Note that it was compiled in the summer of 2015, and some things might have changed by the time you're reading this.

Hillel’s College Guide

And here's a link to Hillel's College Guide. Originally published since 2006 as an issue of URJ's magazine, it became a stand-alone Hillel publication in 2015. This publication is probably most well-known for the chart of "Top Schools Jews Choose", which is where we got the data for our chart of numbers of Jews in colleges. We also think it's interesting to see which colleges are advertising in the magazine.. It's updated every year, so the magazine linked to here should be the most updated one available.

Jewish Organizations on Campus

Check out the websites of these national Jewish organization to find out more about them, and to see which campuses they service:


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