About Us

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Hart Levine is a 2010 UPenn graduate with a degree in bioengineering, and the founder and director of Heart to Heart. Since graduating he’s visited 40 campuses in North America and spoken with thousands of students, building a vision and a movement for religious Jews in college. When not building this site, he spends most of his time reading, thinking and talking about how to improve Jewish life for young Jews.


Rebecca Rubenstein is a 2013 graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a degree in cognitive science. She live in NY and works for JLIC and is moving to Washington DC to work for the Israel on Campus Coalition. She is passionate about supporting Jewish student leaders – wherever and whoever they are!

Dov Winston is a 2014 graduate of Yeshiva University with a double major in psychology and Jewish studies. He’s now enrolled in RIETS Rabbinical School, Revel School of Judaic Studies, and Azrieli School of Jewish Education, and works part-time for Heart to Heart (including co-running the Kahal Fellowship). He’s all about bringing Jews together, Shabbatoning/road-tripping to far flung colleges, and doing as many fellowships as he can.


Ari Klickstein is a 2012 graduate of New York University with a degree in Communication and Media Studies. (And boy can he communicate and study media!) When he's not checking out cool museums, photographing everything, or living in cool parts of Brooklyn, he works on connecting NCSY Alumni in his role at NCSY Alumni Connections.

Hani Lowenstein is a 2010 graduate of Yeshiva University, and works for JLIC on Student Leadership and Educational Resources. When she’s not taking care of her 3 adorable kids, she’s working on this project and other projects to strengthen religious students and communities on college campuses.


[your name here!] is an awesome college student/graduate who is passionate about religious Jewish life in college and want to make that experience better for everyone!