What is this blog? What is this site? Who’s writing this?

All good questions šŸ™‚ Let me try and explain: My name is Hart Levine, went to the University of Pennsylvania, and graduated in May 2010 with a degree in bioengineering. Since then (and during my time in college) I spent a lot of time thinking about, researching, visiting, and working on Jewish life in college. I’ve visited a lot of college (around 40), usually for Shabbat), spoken with a lot of students (probably over 1,000), and worked with most if not all Jewish organizations on campus (Hillel, Chabad, kiruv, JLIC, Koach, AEPi, etc.). One of the things I saw was missing was a focus on religious students – and specifically, investing in the students themselves. So, along with a few others, weĀ decided to start this site – as a forum to share resources, advice,Ā and support among and between religious college students. You can check out the resources on the site – and feel free to let us know if there’s something we’re missing!

This blog is a forum to share thoughts and ideas. I read a lot about Jewish life in college, and Jewish life in America in general, and often times I see something or come to some understanding that I just need to share. So I figured the best way would be through this blog (many of which I’ve been storing up for quite some time). But don’t let me hog the mic – if you want to add a post,pleaseĀ let me knowĀ and we’ll set you right up! Or comment on any of the blogs, or add something to the forum, etc. We want this site to be collaborative, and a truelly representative of and supportive for religious college students. Happy reading (and writing)!

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